Translation Dream in Macau

Lead: The first-ever Chinese-Portuguese translation supporting platform has been created in Macau

When translation technology is mentioned, people tend to think of Machine Translation (MT, also called “Automatic Translation”) tools and sneer at their quality. At this point, it becomes hard for Bill Gao, the boss of a Macau-based translation company Boss Translation, to introduce his dream of developing a Computer-Aided Translating (CAT) platform.

Indeed there is a common misunderstanding between MT and CAT, which are totally different concepts in the translation technology field. MT is aimed at substituting human translators, doing translation work completely by “machine”, while CAT mainly assists professional translators to do their job better by improving their continuity, consistency, unity and efficiency.

Due to this misconception, it was not easy for Bill and his team to begin developing their new CAT product: Chinese-Portuguese Assistant (CPA).

“Usually, entrepreneurs start from zero, but we started from negative,” he smiles, “Pioneering in a new field is lonely! You need a lot of courage and persistence to move on”.

After one and a half years of efforts, his dream has finally become true and this first-ever online support system for Chinese-Portuguese translation is going to be formally launched this month. Yet, this is just the first step, and Bill is still dreaming of popularizing other desktop CAT tools in Macau.

“Our product is just the first ‘bite’. After that, local translators will fall in love with the desktop CAT tools that we plan to bring in.”

Developing CAT tools involves both IT and translation knowledge, and most important of all, financial backing. Fortunately, in July 2011, Macau New Technologies Incubator Centre (Manetic) started to support his team by providing an office, facilities and market information.

One of the key advantages of CPA is its ease of use.

“Anyone who knows how to search on Google can easily use our product without any training. Secondly, we made it web-based to save any software installation. Thirdly, we built the bilingual database (Around 200,000 items) for the product.”

The final product can realize the “Basic Four” functions of any quality CAT tool: Continuity; Consistency; Unity; and Efficiency.

The idea to develop CAT tools dates back to the days when Bill was a part-time CAT lecturer at Peking University.

“At that time, there were not many choices on the market, and the western CAT tools are not designed for the translation between Chinese and Latin languages.”

Bill helped to pioneer Trados, a basic type of CAT software, in Mainland China and has been encouraged recently to see the University of Macau installing Trados on their computers.

“CAT has been popular for decades outside Macau. There are already CAT Master’s degrees and PHD programs, even in mainland China. At present, a translator can hardly find a job in China if they don’t not know Trados.”

Bill is confident that one day CAT will be just as popular in Macau. “At that time, CAT skills will be as important as the translator’s language skills. And as the platform for China and the Portuguese-speaking countries, Macau has a unique advantage of using two official languages, but of course, high quality translations are critical.”

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一提到翻譯技術,人們往往會想到 Google Translate 之類的「自動翻譯」(機器翻譯,MT)工具,同時會取笑它們的翻譯質量。每當碰到這種情況,澳門博士翻譯公司的老闆:高明(Bill Gao)就很難繼續談論電腦輔助翻譯(CAT)這個話題,更不用提開發一個電腦輔助翻譯平臺的夢想了。

















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