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About Us

I. A Professional Translation Service Provider

Established in March 2011 by a group of professional translators, Macao BOSS Translation Company Limited is an ISO9001:2015 QMS (Quality Management System) Certified Professional Translation Service Provider and regards translation as a career, not a business, and has been devoting itself to the high-quality traditional translation service and tailor-made Computer-Aided Translation (CAT) solutions.

Chinese, English, Portuguese, and Japanese are the main languages covered by our traditional translation service. And our efficient Certificate Translation service is one of the highlights that could help the clients to bridge the gap between different countries.

Blessed with a team of enthusiastic full-time translators and a strong pool of experienced professional freelance translators, we are an outstanding translation agency in Macao that will leave you assured in the knowledge you’re being served by true professionals.

Our carefully controlled approach to selecting appropriate translators and translation management assures high standards of fluency and accuracy, which enables our consistently high level of service always bring the value of time and money for the clients.




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Room 8/G, Edf. Comercial Si Toi, Avenida da Praia Grande No.619 | 28828028 |

Macao Boss Translation

Macao Boss Translation is an ISO9001:2015 QMS (Quality Management System) Certified Professional Translation and Interpretation Service Provider in Macao since 2011, with a service scope of:

  • Certificate Translations;
  • Translation Notarization;
  • Multi-lingual Translations;
  • Interpretations;
  • SI Equipment Lease;
  • Computer-Aided Translation (CAT) etc.

  • TDM Chinese Channel
  • TDM Portuguese Channel
  • Macao Daily
  • Jornal Vakio
  • Macau Closer
  • Shimin Daily
  • Houkong Daily
  • MacauICT
  • Taichung Daily
  • Hoje Macau
  • Journal Tribuna de Macau
  • Macao Daily 2014-02-12
  • Plataforma Macau 2014-10
  • Macaodaily 2018-09-07

II. A Dedicated Computer-Aided Translation Pioneer

Based on solid IT foundation, BOSS Translation is also committed to developing CAT systems to assist the daily work of the in-house translators and the translators from the Macao government. Consequently, Boksi Online Support System (BOSS), an Internet-based Language Search Engine System (LSES), is developed and has been built into 4 products by combining with several Chinese and Portuguese bilingual databases:

1. CPA (Chinese-Portuguese Assistant)
2. CPL (Chinese-Portuguese Laws)
3. CPN (Cantonese-Pinyin Names)
4. CEP (Chinese-English-Portuguese Terms)

Due to the good feedback and the high expectation from the clients who have tried or are using our products, starting from July 2013, we are now offering BOSS Customization service in a paid form for the clients to build their own LSES based on BOSS system.

As a CAT pioneer in Macao, and one of the earliest CAT users in China, our CAT experts also offer CAT Consultancy service to the clients, expecting to popularize the CAT concepts and make use of the latest CAT technology to improve the overall standard of translation industry in the Region.

Furthermore, Terms Management Tool (TMT) has been introduced to our translators for them to maintain the consistency, unity and continuity of the terms. And this TMT service is also available for the clients to manage their own terms in a paid form.

Macao BOSS Translation

Always result in VALUE BEYOND your expectation


We provide turn-key translation solutions for our clients, from Translation, Desktop Publishing to the final Printing, or from simultaneous interpretation, SI equipment to shorthand service.


Based on our solid multi-lingual foundation, we provide clients with multi-lingual solutions: Chinese, English, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Japanese, Korean and Russian.


Blessed with a team of enthusiastic translators and interpreters, high-efficient services with excellent quality are guaranteed. It saves the time and will always result in value beyond the clients’ expectation


Headquartered in Macao, we have branch office in Zhuhai to offer all-round support which enables us to surrender part of the profits to the customers by offering favorable price than the counterparts.

III. An Advanced Translation Process Manager

Excellent translation quality and timely delivery of the translation work is inseparable from high quality translation process management. Bearing this in mind, BOSS Translation successfully implemented an advanced Translation Management System (TMS) in early 2013, to manage all of the traditional translation work.

From quoting to the potential customers, to the translation arrangements, the coordination of translators, the final delivery of translation, to invoicing and the collection of payment, the entire translation value chain is completely automated. On the one hand, the System has greatly reduced the company’s management costs and labor costs; on the other hand, it also ensures the accuracy of the delivery time, unit price, word counts and other management stuff.

As a result of the advanced translation workflow, BOSS Translation is able to manage more translation projects with reduced administration staff, thereby reducing the company’s management costs and labor costs. Therefore, the Company could further surrender part of the profits to the customers by offering lower price than the other translation companies, under the premise of providing same or even better quality.

Why BOSS Translation?

The clients choose BOSS Translation because they know that we will get it right via the carefully-controlled translation process and the tailor-made CAT products for the translation work in Macao. The accurate and appropriate translation, whatever the language, delivers confidence to all our clients, including international companies, government departments and news agencies.

Innovation, flexibility, and close interaction with our clients can always help us to meet clients’ requirements time and time again. The Terms Management Tool and the Computer-Aided Translation system that we have purchased in these years, and the Internet-based Language Search Engine Systems that we have tailor-made to improve our translation service quality give us the unique advantage in guaranteeing translation quality and terms consistency.

But for us, the key difference that makes BOSS Translation distinguishable from the others is our commitment to prompt, highly-efficient and meaningful customer service. From your very first contact with us, you will feel our professionalism and enthusiasm in translation and technology. Our constant efforts to give clients the best possible service has not only enabled us to grow into one of Macao’s leading translation companies in these years, but also generated some nice compliments along the way.

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Room 8/G, Edf. Comercial Si Toi, Avenida da Praia Grande No.619 | 28828028 |


BOSS Translation Company formally established


Accepted by Macau New Technologies Incubator Centre as a member


Branch office set up in Zhuhai


Online Computer Aided System (CAT) put into use


“Chinese-Portuguese Assistant” officially launched


Translation ERP system put into use


Survey on CAT system with University of Saint Joseph kicked off


Became a member of Boya Translation Salon


Report on CAT usage in Macao Published


Translation CRM system put into use


“Macau Translation” WeChat ID officially launched


Domain name “” registered


Became Certified Translation Shop in Macao


Fully Automated Translation Management System put into use


Company’s own office in Macao purchased


“Boss Translation” Trademark registered


Company was maliciously slandered and discredited


Reported to Police about the malicious slander


Participated in the establishment of “Greater Bay Area Translation Technology Salon”


GM became a Part-time Researcher of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies


Donated masks to the Macao SAR Government


Obtained ISO9001:2015 Certification


Contact BOSS Translation

Room 8/G, Edf. Comercial Si Toi, Avenida da Praia Grande No.619 | 28828028 |

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Macao Boss Translation

Macao Boss Translation

Contact BOSS Translation

Room 8/G, Edf. Comercial Si Toi, Avenida da Praia Grande No.619 | 28828028 |

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